Remy Hair Extension Quality


Low Quality Remy Hair VS High Quality Remy Hair.

Exellent hair quality always lasts 5-10 times longer then Low quality . It is much easier to detect poor quality hair after 2-3 washing and styling, the condition of the hair will rapidly start tangling and breaking. It is difficult to spot poor quality hair before it has been purchased,because initially the hair feels soft and silky.The cost of human hair varies for a reason, you do get what you pay for. The best quality human hair is more expensive but is well worth the investment.

Double drawn hair – This is the highest quality hair around! It contains hair of only one length. As the name suggest, double drawn hair is drawn a second time to remove the shorter hairs so that you are left with uniform length, unidirectional bundles of hair. Double drawn hair is the more expensive because the procedure to remove shorter hairs is done by hand. Often times it will take up to 9-10lb of hair to produce just 1lb of double drawn hair! Naturally double drawn hair will not have any tangling either.

Our 100% promise:  If you buy premium hair, you always receive premium hair.

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